Eleonore MacZura

Costume Design & Technology

Hello! I am Eleonore MacZura, rising Costume Designer and Technician. Currently in the process of obtaining my BFA in Theatre Design and Technology at The Pennsylvania State University, I am in my eighth semester and expected to graduate Spring 2022.


Renderings from courses and productions


Patterns and garments I have built and assisted in building


Crafts, wigs, misc.


My downloadable resume


This is a sample of both realized and unrealized design work. I have designed a new musical Nostalgia Night, Directed by John Simpkins and opened February 11, 2022. I have been the Assistant Costume Designer for PSU's School of Theatre's productions of A Little Night Music (Des. Alyssa Ridder, 2019) and The Wild Party (Des. Jeremy Eiben, 2021).

Nostalgia Night (2022)

MEDEA (Spring 2022 course project)

Venus In Fur (Spring 2020 Course project)



I have spent most of my non-class time in the costume shop at PSU - working as a stitcher, design assistant, designer, and even at times a stand-in first hand for the drapers of the shop. I've worked on every show put out by the School of Theatre since I began my schooling there in the fall of 2018; from labels to quick-rigs to important seamwork on built garments, I have done a bit of everything. I've also taken several costume technology/patternmaking courses, including a tailoring course with grad students. Most recently I was the First Hand to a draper for Penn State's Brigadoon 2022.


I have taken various classes and encountered opportunities that have broadened my abilities as both a designer, a technician, and an artist. All of which include but are not limited to: wigs and hair for theatre (maintenance, styling, fronting, etc.), makeup for theatre, figure drawing, and numerous amounts of paperwork needed for various positions.

graduate studio: Color Theory

Graduate Studio: Figure Drawing

Theatrical Makeup


Scenic Design Course

Music Based Design (WIP) - "The Moon Will Sing" by The crane wives

Period Research Design - Tudor Era